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    I am a senior at Frisco Reedy High School who has big dreams. Motivated by my passion to improve the living standards and opportunities of others, I hope to reach my goal to provide free quality healthcare to those who lack access to proper medical attention due to distance or financial problems. Through my determination and hard work, I dedicate myself to graduate medical school, establish myself as a pediatric surgeon, and volunteer myself to promoting good health practices and free medical care to those in less developed nations.

    My mission is to uncover the mechanics behind the functioning of the human body in order to not only expand upon my knowledge, but to take a step closer to alleviating the quality of life for the underprivileged. While I one day hope this dream will have an international impact, today I am focused on contributing to my local community. One way I plan to accomplish this is by organizing a drive for basic medical supplies for a refugee and immigrant shelter in Dallas. This drive will not only allow me to make a direct impact to raise minimum living standards for one of the most discriminated groups in the nation, but also will offer me the opportunity to gain insight upon the struggles of these people so I can become more understanding and supportive of people’s plights and their strength, especially those of children.  To me, children represent a new future, one that is capable of learning from the past’s mistakes and building a new world filled with a peace today we refer to as world peace. Furthermore, as a result of this first hand exposure, I can construct a final product that enhances health at these centers in partnership with my mentor. My absolute goal for ISM involves discovering a path that interweaves both medicine and humanitarian aid on a global scale.


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